New features:
- Enemies
- Power-ups
- Misc.




There are a few new enemies in the hack, some are just actually graphic change, others have their properties changed.

Guest Star enemies :

From Kirby's Adventure :

Bomber, he just replaces Bob-omb.
Bronto Burt, he flies here and there in the sky... Can be killed with fireballs or raccoon's tail.
Spiny, he just replaces, well, Spiny :p

From Metroid :

Flying Metroid ; it flies around you and shoot some kind of energy-balls. Once it has shot every balls, it tries a kamikaze attack and explode near you. You can stomp it.
Ground Metroid ; it jumps on the ground, trying to hurt you. You can't stomp it!

From other games :

Bago-bago, from Zelda 2 ; he replaces the jumping cheep-cheeps. You can stomp them.
Phanto, from Super Mario Bros. 2 ; he replaces the rotodiscs.

New enemies :

Cemetary Boos : They're haunting the cemetery, flying in a wavy way ; you can't kill them, as they're already dead. So just avoid them!
Crazy Chained Boo : This boo was way too crazy to be set free, so he's been chained. He still is quite dangerous though.
Crazy Jumpin' Boo : He lives in the secret dungeon. He has broken his chains and now he madly jumps everywhere, quite a task to avoid him!
Boomboom now is a mini-boss, once you've killed him, he just leaves a fire flower and you can continue the level.