New features:
- Enemies
- Power-ups
- Misc.




New power-ups :

Fire Flower
The Fire Flower now acts differently in the game ; while still giving you fire ability, you'll keep your old power-up ability. That means you can be raccoon fire mario for example, with both tail and fire abilities! However if you're hurt by an enemy or whatever, you'll lost both abilities. You can also be small fire mario by using a fire flower on the map screen.

Stone Cap
The Stone Cap is a brand new power-up, replacing the invincibility star. During a few seconds, you'll be Stone Mario ; that means you'll be invincible, you'll be able to stomp on every enemies, and also be able to walk in water or even lava! You won't be able to enter in pipes though, you'll just have to wait for the power to stop.

Green Mushrooms
There are no more lives in SUD, thus the Green Mushrooms don't give you an extra life anymore, but they'll give you a random item among mushroom, fire flower and leaf ; usable on map screen.

Items :

Normal Coins
They just act the same way as in Smb3, whereas instead of giving you an extra life when you collect 100 of them, they'll give you a random item among mushroom, fire flower and leaf ; just like the green mushroom.

Special Coins
These are brand new. They're coins with a different color than normal ones, and with a mushroom picture on it. There is only one per level, more or less well hidden in it. There isn't any in Ship or Tank levels!
A rumor says that if you give all of them to Toad, he'll lend you some kind of spaceship to travel through space...

Super Special Coins
Can't find the special coins in some levels ? Well try to find a Super Special Coin, it will give you 5 special coins! Thus if you didn't find a special coin in a certain level, you can always have enough special coins to pay Toad.