New features:
- Enemies
- Power-ups
- Misc.




Here is a list of some other new miscellaneous features :

Save Game System
The game automatically saves your coins, special coins and the item you collected when you exit the game, it will also remember in which world you were. However, you'll have to start over the world from the beginning, and if you collected any special coins in some of its levels, you'll have to re-collect them (this way you won't be able to cheat collecting lots of special coins :p)
Choosing Erase Save will, well, just erase the save so you can start a new game.

There are lots of new graphics in the game (you can see some of them in the screens section), and also some new graphical effects such as :
- Tile animation increased to 16 frames
- Thunder effect on last world's map screen, and also in some levels
- A snowy level, fully animated
- Different graphic sets for the same kind of levels
- World map specific graphics

There are also a few music edits : a new world8 music, and a "guest star" song from another game you know ;)

I might have forgotten some other things, you'll just see them in the game anyway :)